There’s something about spring that is so infectious, so upbeat, and so invigorating that we just can’t help but look to the bright side of life. Budding leaves, blooming flowers, and rays of sunshine make us feel like we’re walking on cloud nine, and pops of color in our wardrobe amplify these good vibes. From cheerful pinks to tart greens and mellow yellows, color is just the pick-me-up addition that every closet needs. Don’t be fooled by our enthusiasm and spunk for color- we know all too well how difficult it is too shed those fifty shades of grey that you added to your closet over the past few winter months. So don’t fret, the ladies of Witt’s End College Station women’s boutique have put together a few of our go-to techniques for incorporating color back in to the wardrobe. Grab a drink, this is going to be fun!

1.Same-Same-Different. For the beginner in sprucing up the wardrobe with color, Karen at Witt’s End has always advocated for the Same-Same-Different technique. Simply wear two items, such as a top and jeans, in the same color family (hint: we love white on white!) and adorn the staple items with an accessory that brings in a punch of color. It’s too easy to not try, and then best way to enhance or bring attention to your favorite features. Other accessories to try: wedges, bags, and statement necklaces!
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2.Mix-and-Match. Nothing is easier than slipping on a slinky dress and heading out the door. This season, the gals at Witt’s End boutique in College Station encourage you to cinch that waist with a belt of a different color. It’s unexpected, but oh-so chic and simple. We are currently in love with this Escapada Living dress.

3.Patterned Perfection. Although color blocking is still a huge trend, we love breaking up blankets of color with a little pattern! Look for chevrons, polka-dots, and stripes to mix things up a little. Or, be a little daring and pick up floral patterns this spring- they’ll have you absolutely blooming!

Needing some extra tips of the trade? Stop by the Witt’s End College Station women’s boutique. Offering limited selections of exclusive brands such as Ivy Jane, Tribal Sportswear, and Lilla P., Witt’s End is always a reason to shop! Like us on Facebook to keep up to date on new arrivals and flash sales!


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