To our dismay, the groundhog was spot on when he saw his shadow in early February; we truly had six more weeks of winter here in College Station. But, with our first days of spring and temperatures hovering in the mid-70s, we couldn’t be more elated to break out the bright tunics, flirty sandals, and festive accessories.

Bluebonnets are blanketing fields and shorts are cropping back in to our usual attire, which can only mean one thing: The seasons have officially changed! At Witt’s End boutique we love the changing of the seasons; they signal a time to explore new hobbies, experiment with seasonal recipes, and blend attire as the weather still verges between two distinct climates. But most importantly, the changing of seasons reminds us to continually try new things and deviate from our comfortable patterns of life. And because we just received a new spring shipment, it’s only appropriate to focus on trying new styles. If the shoe fits, right?!
This year we’re excited about everything that this warm weather may offer, so without further adieu, join us in welcoming spring in the right fashion.

1.Bright Bags: Yes, you did spend a small fortune on that beautiful, camel-colored leather bag this fall. And yes, you justified that purchase by arguing that it would transition seamlessly through the seasons. Luckily for you and your wise purchasing habits, that timeless bag will still be in style when fall rolls around again. Now that it’s spring, try on a bright handbag that can handle your sunscreen and shades (oh, and maybe a swimsuit!) Besides, making an easy transition from the pool to happy hour is just as stylish as that beautiful leather bag.

2.Go Coastal: With warm, breezy, humid days and crisp, cool nights in our future, it almost makes College Station feel like the coast. So, dress in simple vacation style with pieces that can easily be layered. Embrace maxi dresses, linen tops, and colorful scarves to ensure that you’re comfortably chic.

3.Break the Pattern: From floral prints to embroidered blouses, there’s no better time than spring to break your normal patterned routine and venture in to uncharted, unlined territory. Ditch your fall plaids for lighter ginghams, and bring in pops of color in a variety of patterns.

Also, in the spirit of spring cleaning, clear out that closet! Pass on your gently loved items that you haven’t worn in over a year to a local Salvation Army or Goodwill. Not only will you be passing on some great fashion, but you’ll also be making room for some spring additions! Hop in to our College Station boutique to check out what is new in store, and like us on Facebook to keep up to date with recent arrivals and trending styles. We’ll see ya there!


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