Women are like a fine wine, we get better as we age – Tips on Dressing for Your Age from Witt’s End College Station

…Without necessarily looking your true age. It’s a tricky dilemma every woman has encountered, and will surely continue to encounter as they years tick on by. Though it may not be fun to come to the realization that your tube top from the mid 90s is no longer age-appropriate (or even fashion appropriate!), maintaining a fresh, modern wardrobe is a breeze when shopping with Witt’s End College Station boutique. We believe there are certain rules that are meant to be broken, (easiest that comes to mind is white after Labor Day,) and age shouldn’t define silhouette, color, or accessories. Dresses above the knee and fashion trends are not a faux pas for the forty or fifty somethings; they should be embraced and worn with dignity well in to the golden years. At Witt’s End women’s boutique we also believe that dressing for your age should be effortless and just as fun as it was in your 20s, so we’ve put together a few ground rules that will make dressing fashionably a cinch!

1.In the Dark. Whether it’s a pair of slim, dark jeans or a cropped pair of pants, keep it dark on bottom. Anything from a kitten heel to a neutral pump will amp up your ensemble and take you from daytime errands to dinner and drinks.

2. On Trend. Don’t completely swear off trends, but maybe don’t shop the trends at a store that targets women you take your teenage daughter to (*hint: this store will always be for the 21 year olds.) Instead, be a little choosy about what you buy in to and spend a little more. The price of an item is always shown in the quality of the cut and material, so you’re not off the hook when you detach that discount price tag!

3. Boldly Simple. Less is more when it comes to silhouette, so avoid over the top ruffles, frill, or fringe. Instead, be bold in colors and patterns. Jewel tones are eye-catching and can be worn throughout the seasons and in a variety of pieces.

At Witt’s End we’ve been dressing women for over 20 years in the College Station community. Our style has matured and transformed just as our clients have, and we believe that this is something to be celebrated. Seriously, no one ever looked good in a tube top. So, get a jump on the spring-cleaning and clear out that closet. There’s much to be worn when shopping with Witt’s End, and there’s always a reason to shop!

Check out a few of our favorite new arrivals at Witt’s End College Station boutique!

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