WE Box Shopping! from your home in College Station Bryan

We Box You Pick! College Station Shopping-01Every day our in-house stylists scour catalogs, look books, and style blogs for the newest trend, hidden gem of a brand, or fashion start-up that we can bring in to our College Station boutique. In store, we love experimenting with new looks on our customers; it’s our favorite part of the shopping experience in College Station. But, in the over twenty years that Witt’s End has been welcoming women of all walks of life and of all ages in to the boutique, we have learned that it’s not always feasible for our 21st century woman to set aside a couple of hours each month to shop and explore at the boutique (though we would argue that shopping should be part of a health regimen!) Thus, we have found a way to bring the Witt’s End shopping experience right to your front door.

The Witt’s End Box is designed to cater to every woman’s fashion needs, with the convenience and privacy of at-home delivery. Whether you’re in College Station, Caldwell, or the other side of the world, a WE Box can be delivered to your doorstep each month or on a quarterly basis. By creating a profile, our stylists gather your size, shape, lifestyle, brand preference and style in order to select items tailored to your needs. Additionally, we take in to consideration what you’re in need of in your closet in order to create a well-balanced wardrobe. When you receive your box, simply try on the items, stash away the items you want (and need, of course!), and ship back what you don’t want. No obligation, we just want you 100% satisfied. Never again will you be standing in your closet doorway saying you have nothing to wear.

Need a gift idea? With the holiday season upon us, the WE Box is the perfect gift to be exchanged or given to oneself. Purchase over the phone or at the boutique in College Station and the WE Box recipient can later set up style preferences. We guarantee you, this gift will not be thrown in to the shameful re-gift pile this year!

It’s easy to get started or to learn more: http://witts-end.com/we-box/

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