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Straining, pulling, puckering, sagging, and collapsing. These sound like terms you mindlessly memorized in your freshman geography class years ago. And yet, we’re not chatting today about geographic landforms. Instead, we’re discussing a popular topic of dressing room chatter.

Straining across the bust, pulling below the hips, puckering in the seams, sagging in the..well, ya know, and collapsing in the shoulders. At Witt’s End women’s boutique in College Station, our style team is familiar with perhaps the ugliest truth in the fashion industry: no matter what your size is, some designers just don’t make their cut in your shape. This is no reason to start a crash diet to slim down or sign up for the nearest Cross Fit workout in hopes of building up muscle mass in the likes of J.Lo or Beyonce. Instead, embrace your shape and wear items that enhance your natural silhouette. And for the shopper in you that can’t seem to resist a good buy or a cute frock, despite the way it lays, read below for some expert tips on how to resist in the short run for some long run pay off!

1. Ignore the Number. Selecting a size to try on always seems like black magic. Good news for you numbers ladies out there: sizes don’t mean a darn thing! They vary widely both between brands and within brands, so simply ignore them! The material, rise, and cut of the item has a great influence on how it will fit your body shape. Look for fits that compliment your figure, and don’t get fixated on whether or not you’ve gone up a size or dropped a size. We love this current shift dress- perfect for women of all sizes and shapes!
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2. Beware of Proportions and Embellishments. Don’t let odd proportions and overwhelming designs topple your frame! Be mindful of plunging necklines, flowy sleeves, and bedazzled tops if you have a petite figure. If you’re athletically built, look for items that will enhance your curves and veer away from A-line silhouettes. And likewise, if you’re Pear or Apple shaped, look for items that allow you to move and feel comfortable and that enhance your favorite assets. We love this most recent tribal shrug!
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4. Quality before Quantity. Place quality of clothing before quantity of items. Not only will your clothing fit better, but it will wear better throughout the day and survive the seasonal rotation. Keep an eye out for sharp trims and clean finishes while shopping; these pieces will pay for themselves in the amount that they get worn! This maxi skirt paired with a black tank top will be an easy go-to for years!
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5. A Tailor Can Only Do So Much. Keep this in mind when shopping sales or when size options are plentiful. Though you may think you can take items in a bit or let hems out, a good tailor still may have his or her hands tied. Pocket that cash you might have spent and save it for another day, we all know you’ll find another must-have pair of jeans!

At Witt’s End women’s boutique in College Station we work with women to find their perfect fit. And with ranges of sizes and styles, we’re Brazos Valley’s reason to shop! Swing by our boutique on Longmire Drive or check out our newest in-store arrivals on our Facebook page. We’ll see ya there!

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