Dressing for the Office in Style

With uninterrupted sweltering temperatures in College Station and a much needed beach vacation, getting dressed for a day at the office can be almost torturous. If only casual Friday meant we could wear our cut-offs and beach cover-ups. However, human resources probably wouldn’t appreciate that kind of office attire; woe is us. In an effort to make these last few weeks of summer fashionably flawless, and to get as much use out of our florals and whites before autumn falls in, the team at Witt’s End Boutique in College Station is finding some alternatives to that covetable beach clothing (or lack thereof!) Dressing for work shouldn’t have lost its luster back in our college internships. Let’s turn things up a notch.

1. White Hot. Bring out that white denim to create a crisp, clean foundation for any outfit. White pants can be paired with just about any top or blouse and often look more polished than the expected chino.
2. Pop of Color. Wear your summer prints and keep that palette bright! Fall ushers in plenty of navy, brown, and neutrals, so punch up that color while you still can. A flowy top is always acceptable.
3. Pep in the Step. Throw on a pair of open-toed heels or a simple wedge. This added height will surely amp up your confidence and be the perfect polished finish to your office outfit.

Throw on a statement necklace or some fun bangles and a splash of bronzer to complete that outfit. A finishing piece of advice from the ladies at Witt’s End Boutique: Keep it simple and fun, Keep it your own.

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